Mackenroth's latest social media campaign involves nude shower selfies to rid HIV/AIDS of "dirty" stigma while raising $1 million for Housing Works.
"[In New York], you are able to have a life free of human rights violations; it gives you a responsibility try to lift the realities for people less privileged than yourself."
The controversial producer of genetically engineered seeds is one of 366 HRC-recognized companies for scoring 100 on its CEI.
The hunky quartet was invited to join Chenoweth at her sold-out Ptown engagements after she saw their video for "Mozart Meets Kelly Clarkson."
"I wasn’t intending in any way to tell people how to have sex or with whom to have sex or how to live their lives—go for it."
"It was nice to be instantly accepted and embraced for who I was. I think it’s just a real reflection of where we are culturally, and I think that’s an awesome thing to be a part of.”

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"Do You Feel The Same?" brings together creative powerhouses AlexandLianne, Bernhard Wilhelm, and Josh Johnson for one stunning product.

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