Got Gay-tention Deficit Disorder? Today's hot topics, tonight's cocktail chatter.
"TV, live performing—I love it all," says the 'Difficult People' and cabaret star.
"There would be men present whose role was unclear... leering at me."
None other than Phoebe Buffay made a surprise new friend on the '1989' tour.
"We’re excited about this new chapter. The new 'Next' is all about self-improvement."
See guys get a new vibrator and discuss the ins and outs of prostate massage.
Bianca Del Rio and the gurls confront their shadiest social media critiques with sass.
The Andrew Christian boys are packin' heat and cold in their latest promo video.

Video of the Day

The queer rapper brings all the boys to the backyard. Read more on the video here.

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