Alex McCord Talks Life After Housewives—and Her Favorite Superheros—At Bailey House's 24th Annual Auction

"My eight-year-old just lost a tooth and is negotiating with the Tooth Fairy!"
February 24, 2012

(Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen at Park Avenue Armory.)
Even though a certain headliner was a no-show (cough, Liza Minnelli, cough), New York's affluent still came out to sparkle (literally and figuratively) at last night's Bailey House's 24th Annual Auction and Party at the impressive Park Avenue Armory.
Under eye-popping ceiling ornaments designed by Geoff Howell Studio lay the likes of now former Real Housewives of New York stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen. The pair said they are supporting the Bailey House for the second year and even offered themselves to be auctioned off (well, for dinner with the winning bidder at Beauty & Essex).  
When asked what homeless-HIV/AIDS organization and their much-needed services means to them, van Kempen said, "It's life-changing. It's the difference between having nowhere to go, and having somewhere to go. It sounds simple, but it's not." McCord reiterated a sentiment many mentioned, but one which cannot be highlighted enough: "Just because a disease is not in the headlines everyday doesn't mean it's gone away...You have to keep working and fighting until there's a cure…or vaccine…you just have to keep going."
And what about the items that were absolute must-bids? McCord spotted "a really interesting 1973 Wonder Woman sketch that caught my eye…I might have to go and check that out." Does she feel akin to the famous 1970s feminist superhero? "Always!" Alex stated.
Later on, while snacking on the (mostly carnivorous) hors d'oeuvres, we asked McCord the obvious question: What now? "We're sitting back now, taking our time," she said. Her kids are her focus now, and at six and eight-years-old, they're a handful. "My eight-year-old just lost a tooth and is negotiating with the Tooth Fairy!" she revealed.
Also in attendance were Emperor Vanity and Empress Pepperica of the Imperial Court of New York, as well as jovial ICNY President Gary Cosgrove and several bedazzled attendants, all giving the crowd a grand sneak peek to the Night of a Thousand Gowns, which is slated this year for March 31. When asked about must-bids, Vanity retorted, "What not to bid on?" Of course, coveted tickets to the Gowns soiree were also on the auction block. —Dan Heching