Are James Van Der Beek and James Franco Writing Blind Items For Urban Bear Weekend? Read on…

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March 30, 2012


1) Remembering iconic lesbian poet Adrienne Rich.

2) They should probably just re-name this show Don’t Trust the Beek in Apt 23.

3) Feeling a little The Devil Wears Flannel and a Harness? Send in your resume and you could be Urban Bear’s new office assistant.

4) With Black Party over and Night of a Thousand Gowns almost here, we’re already looking forward to Night of a Thousand Stevies. Check out the new poster for the 22nd edition of the Stevie Nicks celebration.

5) Uh, when did James Franco turn into Kevin Federline?

6) This blind item totally has us stumped. Seriously, you tell us.

7) Carson Daly: Meet Mark Bingham’s mom.