Auditions 44: Hung for Hung

Porn reviews
March 30, 2012

(Lucas, 1-888-562-9125,

April’s here! That means diamonds, fools, taxes, resurrections, painted eggs—and more gay porn!

MANUEL: Colin Black, Sean Xavier and Rafael Carreras? Hung for Hung has my name written all over it. You’ll love it too—or my name isn’t Hung.

ROD: This cast is amazing, but there’s too much talking for me. I wanted to tell young, blond Alex Andrews, “Put Sean Xavier’s giant black cock in your mouth already!” You can skip the interviews, but you won’t learn that Xavier is working on his Ph.D. (I prefer him working on Andrews’ ass). Hearing how top man Xavier made Andrews moan and groan, I never expected Xavier to bottom, too!

MANUEL: Who needs a Ph.D. when you have a Master’s in Auto-Fellatio? (And that’s no B.S.!) Even if Xavier can give himself a BJ, I’ll still gladly help him cram for his Orals.

ROD: Colin Black and Dominic Pacifico provided more interracial action. My ending was happy enough when Pacifico offered his end to Black, but when he flipped Black and gave it back, it was, “Oh, happy day!” There’s also big-dicked sweetheart Valentin Petrov, who looks great with Edin Sol. I met Petrov at Winter Party, and he looks even better in person.

MANUEL: Hung for Hung’s nicest surprise was Franco Ferrari. This Brazil-born star-in-the-making is aptly named: he’s classy, stylish, sexy, luxurious—and once you lay eyes him, you’ll want to get inside and drive. Lucas himself takes the first spin in Ferrari, preparing his newest exclusive for the many Grand Pricks to come.

ROD: 4 splats
MANUEL: 4 splats