Did Gwen Stefani Get Into a Fight with Prince Harry About Fiona Apple’s New Songs on Twitter? Read on….

Got Gay-tention Deficit Disorder? Presenting our thrice weekly summation of what the gay world is talking about.
March 16, 2012

1) Uh-oh! Anderson Cooper and M.I.A. got in a bit of a Twitter spat. Girls, you’re both pretty…

2) Fiona Apple previewed some new songs at SXSW. Are you psyched for her New York shows next week yet?

3) Bret Easton Ellis calls the Dharun Ravi trial a “witch hunt.”

4) In case you had any faith left in humanity, a whole bunch of jack-offs used the #ToMyUnbornChild hashtag as a promise to murder their future offspring should they turn out gay.

5) Prince Harry just can’t find the right girl. Maybe it’s time to explore other options—hint-hint!

6) Gwen Stefani’s on Twitter now. Hollaback girl!


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