Did Hilary Clinton and Zach Wahls accidentally confront a Vietnam vet about the new season of Downton Abbey? Read on...

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September 07, 2012

1) Watch Zach Wahls make his two mommies proud at the Democratic National Convention.

2) This video of a gay Vietnam vet confronting Mitt Romney back in December is suddenly viral again. It continues to be awesome.

3) Why wasn't Hilary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. It’s illegal for her to attend!

4) Ever wonder how an orgasm actually works? Sure you have!

5) Next Magazine illustrator Tim Paul is one of the 28 fabulous artists taking on Wall Street fat cats with the 52 Shades of Greed playing cards.

6) Another new Downton Abbey trailer, this one featuring hot naked footman delts.

7) TheChoosyBeggar reports there are no ties or small leather goods for dudes at the Hermés sample sale. Maybe you can find a fun scarf to zsusz-up your Fall look?