Did Mitt Romney Gay Bash Joe Manganiello and Anna Wintour on The Simpsons? Read on...

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May 11, 2012


1) Mitt Romney: gay-bashing high school bully

2) Joe Manganiello talks about that famous bod of his in this month’s Essential Homme.

3) Lady Gaga joins The Simpsons in their season finale.

4) Gilt Group’s annual warehouse sale—featuring menswear for the first time ever—doesn’t start until next weekend, but we hear tickets are selling out fast.

5) Fred Perry’s semiannual warehouse sale ends Saturday, but the brand’s Brooklyn Surplus shop has discounts up to 70% through Sunday

6) Watch poor Anna Wintour gamely suffer through the indignities of appearing on The Colbert Report. Bless her icy little heart, she does seem like she’s trying to seem likeable.