February 09, 2016

Gay Love Ages Gracefully in Seclusion

Matthew Griffin’s debut novel delivers a searing portrait of an elderly gay couple.
January 26, 2016

Giving Voice to a Gender-Fluid Teen

Straight writer Jeff Garvin relates to his debut novel's queer punk protagonist.
January 20, 2016

Queer Novels Feature Young Souls in Flight

'Soul Serenade' and 'All the Birds in the Sky' both have social outcasts as protagonists.
January 13, 2016

Where Gay Cruising Makes Good Writers

Garth Greenwell's debut novel explores an unrequited lust for a Bulgarian hustler.
December 15, 2015

Remembering Quirks of a 'Gay Guerrilla'

The first book about eccentric and experimental composer Julius Eastman.
November 24, 2015

Chris Salgardo Is a Skin Care Bear

The Kiehl’s president releases 'Manmade', an unorthodox grooming guide for men.
November 17, 2015

Queer Sci-Fi Love Story Throws a 'Curveball'

Jeremy Sorese’s emotional debut graphic novel reflects his own sexuality.
November 03, 2015

Michael Cunningham Is a Fairy Tale Top

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of 'A Wild Swan' on dating princes and beasts.
October 06, 2015

REVIEW: Gorey Details on 'Empire of Self'

Jay Parini revives Gore Vidal in his candid new biography, 'Empire of Self'.
September 29, 2015

Michael Riedel Brings the 'Razzle Dazzle'

A new book pulls back the curtain on Broadway’s backstage dramas.