Gay for Play

Our guide to the gay highlights of the New York International Fringe Festival.
August 07, 2013
Joey Mirabile and JP Serret in The 3rd Gender
For 17 years, the New York International Fringe Festival has been bringing hundreds of innovative and provocative new theatrical performances to downtown Manhattan every summer. With so many shows taking place over the course of the two-week festival each year, there are always plenty of queer perspectives and narratives to see, and this year is no different. We’ve sifted through FringeNYC’s gay and lesbian offerings once again and picked some of the festival’s highlights. And while everyone should see these plays, we’ve made our best effort to zero in on each show’s excruciatingly specific target audience. 
For gay fanboys who saw Man of Steel and want their money back:


A love triangle develops when a Superman-obsessed comic-book artist who’s dissatisfied with his life meets and falls in love with his estranged sister’s Clark Kent-ish boyfriend. CSV Flamboyan, 107 Suffolk St (btwn Rivington/Delancey Sts); Aug 11 at noon, Aug 15 at 7:45pm, Aug 16 at 4pm, Aug 18 at 5pm, Aug 21 at 7:30pm.
For sci-fi geeks who are really into their traditional binary gender identity: 

The 3rd Gender 

In the year 2397 the world is ruled by the 3rd Gender. Anyone born different faces decades of conditioning or death. In this dystopian sci-fi meditation on gender, 20-year-old Manten attempts a dangerous escape from the all-consuming influence of the 3rd Gender. Connelly Theater, 220 E Fourth St (btwn Aves A/B); Aug 10 at 9:15pm, Aug 15 at 2:30pm, Aug 18 at 7pm, Aug 20 at 4:45pm, Aug 25 at 4pm.
For recovering Mormons: 

Adam & Steve and the Empty Sea 

Set against the backdrop of California’s 2008 passage of Proposition 8, a Mormon and his best gay friend grapple with religion, sexuality, politics and adulthood in this coming-of-age story. CSV Kabayitos, 107 Suffolk St (btwn Rivington/Delancey Sts); Aug 9 at 5pm, Aug 10 at 7pm; Aug 11 at noon, Aug 13 at 7:45pm, Aug 14 at 4:45pm, Aug 15 at 9:15pm.
For southern queens with a taste for tragedy and a Ramos Fizz:

En Avant! An Evening with Tennessee Williams 

Writer/performer William Shuman has been intrigued and inspired by Tennessee Williams since he first opened the pages of The Glass Menagerie. In this one-man show, he brings the legendary gay playwright to life—over a drink, of course. CSV Kabayitos, 107 Suffolk St (btwn Rivington/Delancey Sts); Aug 9 at 9:30pm, Aug 16 at 3pm, Aug 17 at 9:45pm, Aug 20 at 4:45pm, Aug 23 at 7:15pm, Aug 24 at 2pm.
For pop-star groupies with body image issues: 

I Am a Moon 

A closeted pop star and an obsessed fan come together in this dark comedy inspired by the late Japanese porn star Ai Iijima. I Am a Moon explores the way Eastern and Western cultures construct beauty and sexuality through shame. The Lynn Redgrave Theater, 45 Bleecker St (@ Lafayette St); Aug 9 at 5pm, Aug 12 at 4:30pm, Aug 14 at 5:45pm, Aug 15 at 9:30pm, Aug 16 at 7pm.  
For the guy who always has a wad of singles in his pocket: 

Luke Nicholas 

No Hope Productions returns to Fringe with this tale of a 40-year-old whose life is ruined by a hot young stripper. Teatro Circulo, 64 E Fourth St (btwn Bowery/Second Ave); Aug 9 at 5pm, Aug 10 at 9:15pm, Aug 13 at 2:45pm, Aug 14 at 7:30pm, Aug 17 at 1:45pm.
For those of us who have been forced to attend one too many weddings this summer:

Save the Date: A Wedding Road Trip Musical 

In this chaotic musical adventure, a woman and her gay bestie embark on a road trip to her ex’s wedding that tests their friendship as the pair try to figure out why they seem like losers compared to everyone else. Theatre 80, 80 St. Mark’s Pl (btwn First/Second Aves); Aug 15 at 10:15pm, Aug 16 at 9:45pm, Aug 20 at 2pm, Aug 22 at 5:30pm, Aug 24 at 7pm.
For anyone who already misses the comedic potential of DOMA-era immigration laws: 

Our Kiki: A Gay Farce 

A bi-national gay couple faces separation when deportation rears its ugly head—until their straight best friend and her Dominican boyfriend come to the rescue. Connelly Theater, 220 E Fourth St (btwn Aves A/B); Aug 9 at 7:30pm, Aug 11 at 9:15pm, Aug 16 at 4:30pm, Aug 18 at noon, Aug 25 at 1:45pm.
For the late bloomer who believes Walt Whitman is his spirit animal: 

Like Poetry 

With the poetry of Walt Whitman as his guide, Stagger confronts issues of physical and emotional intimacy. The Ellen Stewart Theatre at La MaMa, 66-68 E Fourth St (btwn Bowery/Second Ave); Aug 10 at 7pm, Aug 11 at 1:30pm, Aug 12 at 4:45pm, Aug 13 at 4:45pm, Aug 14 at 7pm.  
The New York International Fringe Festival, August 9–25 at various times; all shows $15 in advance/$18 general admission. Visit for more info.