Hottie Cover Boy Matthew Ludwinski Says He Can’t Watch His Sex Scenes in His New Film Going Down in La La Land

"Working out of course. And only eating at McDonald's every other day."
April 12, 2012

At first, model-turned-actor Matthew Ludwinski seems like the kind of guy that is totally unapproachable, with his model like features and muscle-skinny body. But the charming, home-schooled Virgina native is any but.”Last night I celebrated Easter by taping into my conservative religious upbringing by watching The Ten Commandments and getting trashed on two-buck-chuck!” he jokes with us. This sense of humor and likeability is key to his appeal as Adam, the ambitious, but naive, young actor who turns to porn in the new Casper Andreas movie Going Down in La La Land. We chatted with the 27-year-old about his new film, his burgeoning career and why you won’t see in an actual porn anytime soon.

Your new film, Going Down in La La Land, is all about the unglorified everyday of a wannabe actor in LA. What is your typical day like?
Wake up, drink coffee to squash rising existential horror, go to auditions and\or castings, drink more coffee, drink two-buck-chuck to calm caffeine jitters, act out scenes from The Ten Commandments, or as I like to call it “acting class!” I exaggerate, but it's not far from the truth.  ving the dream!  

How did you come to being cast in the film? Did you know Casper already from working on his from Between Love and Goodbye?
I was up for the lead [in  Between Love and Goodbye.] The role ended up going to another actor, but Casper liked me enough to give me a smaller role. At the wrap party Casper mentioned he was writing a script based on the book Going Down in La La Land. I tought I was perfect for it and I made him promise to let me audition when the time came.  He kept his promise and two years and four auditions later I got the part.

Is there anything in the film you relate to having been an actor in LA?
I immediately knew playing this part. And I related to so many parts of the book.  I know what it's like to be objectified and taken advantage of. I've not done porn, but I know what it's like to have career mistakes, and then to be left wondering "How did that happen? How did I end up here?" I know what it's like to feel like your life is snowballing out of control.

So you identified to the porn-tempting struggle of an actor?
I think there are very few actors who would not relate to this struggle. It's a struggle that has been in the public consciousness since the movie business began. And like my character, we actors all move out to LA, even after hearing these cautionary tales for years, and we still somehow think we are going to beat the odds and "make it."  But I think this movie also tells the story of a young man who puts himself out there in the big city and gives life a try.  And for those of us who didn't stay in the small towns where we were born, that is still a very important and universal message.

We have to know: How do you stay in such good shape?
Working out of course. And only eating at McDonald's every other day.

You're basically naked on the poster. Is it odd being sexualized? Or do you like it?
Everyone likes to be sexualized sometimes, I think it would be odd if I didn't.  We're all sexual creatures. From my modelling days I had to learn to see myself as a sex-object and learn to turn that on.  So I'm pretty comfortable playing that part.  However, when I see the movie poster, I feel very separated from it. Those things are posed and manipulated, and created for a specific purpose, so the whole thing seems to have very little to do with me.  I don't usually feel very flattered when someone compliments a picture of me.  I'd rather be complimented in person. The downside to being sexualized is some people feel it gives them the right to be dismissive of you.

So has your family seen the film? What do they think?
Not yet.  I'm working on it.  They're very proud of me, and supportive in their own way.  But I think the subject matter, and some of the racier scenes would be too much for them.  Hell, they're too much for me.  I always have to close my eyes during the sex scenes.

What's next for you?
I recently shot a film written and directed by C. Jay Cox for the 30th anniversary of OutFest this summer.  And then my costar Allison Lane has written an awesome part for me in a hilarious feature film comedy she is producing,and hopefully we will start filming that later this year.  

Going Down in La La Land opens April 20. Visit for more info.