Joseph Mount

Now set to open for Coldplay, Metronomy front man Joseph Mount never thought he’d even end up on stage at all.
March 20, 2012

It’s no secret that ’80s-inspired electro pop has been enjoying a bump in popularity for a while now thanks in part to Euro acts like M83, Kavinsky, Justice and others who are leading the return to the synthesizer. Now making the jump across the pond, too, is British electronic music group Metronomy. They’re getting ready to kick off their U.S. tour in support of 2011’s The English Riviera, where, for select April shows, the band will be the warm-up act for another swoon-worthy British pop group: Coldplay.

While touring the U.K. and Europe the band gained notoriety in the club scene by including light routines in which the members wore spotlights on their chests. “When we did our first shows, we were playing instrumental music and for the most part in night clubs at about 3am,” says front man JOSEPH MOUNT. “The lights were our way of focusing the attention of the more inebriated clubbers.” Despite his love of electronica and tendency to hang out in seedy spots long past the witching hour, the straight ally is more of an English gentleman than one might expect. “I’m not really a ‘crazy’ person,” Mount notes, “I never thought I’d end up singing on stage.

Metronomy at Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Plaza (@ 15th St), Mar 29 and Mar 30 at 8pm; $21.50. Visit for more info.