Is Le Bain’s ZigZag Homophobic? // Hiro Hits the Auction Block // Misty’s The Meanest of Them All

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March 28, 2012

(Hiro Ballroom)

ZigZag the Bain of the Gays?
It’s been months since we reported that Corey Craig had vowed never to return to Erich Conrad’s ZigZag on Thursday nights at Le Bain. His run-in with the party’s doorman, Ian Bradley, left the gay DJ with quite the bitter taste in his mouth. Now we’re hearing even more reports from party boys who’ve been turned away from the party, and while it’s hardly news that some people have an axe to grind with the chosen few who control the velvet rope, some are actually accusing ZigZag of purposefully denying entry to gay guys! Party boy Edwin Joel Vazquez and friends were told they needed more women with them in order to get in—not unheard of in nightlife—and concluded that “Le Bain at the Standard hates ‘fags.’” Promoter Brian Rafferty slammed doorman Bradley on Facebook, and told us that everyone he knows has been disrespected or harassed at ZigZag’s door.

We tried to reach out to Bradley to get his side of the story, but as of our deadline he hasn’t responded. We did manage to get ZigZag host Sophia Lamar’s perspective.  “First of all because Erich Conrad and some DJs happen to be gay doesn’t mean this is a gay party,” Lamar said. “We turn away people in general, gay or straight, that don’t have the look or don’t fit the aesthetic.”

Conrad hosted the long-running gay-favorite, Beige at BBar, and as Lamar said ZigZag has welcomed tons of high-profile gay DJs and hosts: Greg K and Geordon Nichole of The MisShapes, Jonathan Pierce of The Drums, DJ Sammy Jo, Spencer Product, Miss Guy, Jake Shears. And we didn’t have to look far to find gay guys who get into Le Bain on a regular basis.

“I get in every time because I know the people who run the party,” one party boy who wished to remain anonymous told us. “I always feel that ZigZag is primarily a fashion world party rather than a gay party, so that probably contributes to Ian’s door criteria more than a party goer’s gender or sexual preference.”

Promoter Chuck Attix echoes that perspective. “Looks to me like Ian is trying to do his job and letting in the right mix of people. I see plenty of gays every time I go. It definitely seems like they want a more ‘edgy’ downtown type crowd than Beige ever attracted, and maybe the Chelsea/HK gays aren’t used to that.”

“We are trying to keep the party evenly mixed for the enjoyment of all without making any group a minority,” Lamar said. “That's why we call it ZigZag, because it traverses parallel groups. We are gay friendly, but not a ‘gay party.’”

Hiro Hits the Auction Block
It’s been a while since we partied at Hiro on Sunday nights, but in its early days, Cuckoo Club was one of the city’s hottest gay parties. Toward the end there it did get a little bridge-and-tunnel—especially once Vandam started to blow up—but, we still have some fond memories of dancing our asses off to Honey Dijon’s DJ sets and sipping cocktails with Amanda and Aimee and Musto and the gang until the wee hours of Monday morning. Well, as you’ve probably heard, the Maritime Hotel is shutting down Hiro Ballroom, and the owners announced this week that they will auction off everything in the venue. This could be your chance to get your hands on one of those giant Japanese lanterns to help you remember those late nights at Cuckoo Club!

The Meanest One of All
With Meaner Harder Leather seemingly down for the count, hostess Misty Meaner is ready for a bit of a spin-off. Her recently launched Friday night variety show, Meaner Meaner Meaner at Boots and Saddle, is something of a nod to the burlesque show she hosted with Go-Go Harder and Stormy Leather at Vig 27. Meaner tells us the new show will feature newcomers to NYC’s drag scene as well as burlesque and boylesque performers. And this week she’ll be doing double duty, hosting a burlesque review alongside Harder and Mocha Lite at Williamsburg’s Cu 29 Copper before welcoming special guest boylesque contortionist Christopher Bousquet at Meaner Meaner Meaner.

Mystery Roar
Boston’s Nathanael Bluhm may not be local, but he’s played NYC enough to deserve a mention here. He and hunky DJ partner James Cerne have brought their Foxy party to Good Times at EasternBloc on multiple occasions, and Bluhm’s disco-rock band Mystery Roar made several repeat appearances at QxBxRx. But we’re a little bummed to report that the sex-on-legs singer/DJ tells us he recently parted ways with Mystery Roar. He tells us he’s working on his own material at the moment and promises not to stay away from New York for long!