Model Minute: Kevin Timmins tells you how to stay warm in winter, season your popcorn and more

"It's all about a handsome face when it comes to physicality."
January 24, 2013

One minute with Next's cover model of the week, Kevin Timmins.

How long have you been modeling?
I've been modeling for just over a year in New York. I have just recently began the search for an agency to best represent me. I'm excited to see what happens down the line!

What's your day job? Do you have anything exciting coming up?
I work as an independent certified personal trainer. I have extensive exercise physiology education from my 46 credits earned towards my Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT), and I have been working as a trainer for a couple years. I've played sports (mainly lacrosse) since childhood, and been an exercise addict since high school. I am an actor and dancer as well, but just started my pursuit of those fields (along with modeling) since moving to New York after coming out of the closet and putting a pause on my DPT to explore the interests I held myself back from while in the closet. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and may pursue counseling/life-coaching/psychiatry or research down the line. Who knows!

What's your best tip for staying warm in the winter?
Keeping your body moving, layers and personally I love my purple ski suit and electronically heated socks to get me through the frigid days and nights!

What's your favorite New York winter activity?
Having experienced only one (mild) winter thus far in New York, I would say probably frequenting the steam room at Equinox! Also, I love Christmas lights and enjoy seeing Christmas lights in December.

What's your best diet or fitness tip?
Exercise! Hitting all muscle groups at least once a week, giving rest in between. Snack often, drink water, aim for a calorie balance similar to that of the Zone diet. Plain popcorn (with a dash of sea salt and cayenne pepper) and chicken breasts make for an extremely low cal dinner/snack at night to keep you full and prevent muscle loss overnight—It's been a routine of mine for years.

What are your favorite bars to go to in New York?
Le Bain at the Standard Hotel on Thursdays in the summer is my favorite, then Greenhouse on Sundays. In general, I am a fan of Eastern Bloc. 9th Ave Saloon (great staff) and Bartini are also favs of mine.

What do you look for in a guy?
Attraction is key, but in terms of a potential love interest I look for someone who is driven, comfortable with themselves, considerate of others, self aware, communicative, healthy in their lifestyle/routine, and someone who likes me for me. It's all about a handsome face when it comes to physicality.

Excerpts from Kevin's photo shoot with Kevin Thomas Garcia for this week's cover below: