Octomom Launches Hot Mess’ New Night // Chris Ryan Puts Play-Boy On Hold // Brad Loekle Says Goodbye to Electroshock Therapy

The week in gay gossip
October 04, 2012

(Brad Loekle of Electroshock Comedy Hour)

Messy Mommies
Apparently the batshit mothers who populate the tabloid media have become an integral part of the Hot Mess formula. With the success of Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil’s August appearance—“success” being a relative term, particularly where these sort of “celebrities” are concerned—Bianca Del Rio, Lady Bunny and the rest of the cast are set to welcome Octomom to XL when their weekly show debuts on its new night this Friday. Tanning Mom made headlines when her out of control, drunken behavior got her removed from the 42nd Street club in the middle of the show. Needless to say, expectations are high for Nadya Suleman, whose octuplets shot her to infamy in 2009. If Del Rio and Bunny get Honey Boo Boo’s mom next it will make our year!

Cancelled Play Date
Last week we mentioned the shade Chris Ryan seems to be encountering from fellow promoters as he launches his latest parties this fall. Now we hear that Ryan’s planned Play-Boy Saturdays at The Phoenix has been put on hold, and may not happen at all. It seems Michael Cohen, who throws Phoenix’s consistently packed Friday night party, has become a bit territorial about the 13th street watering hole and feels threatened by Ryan’s potential party—despite the fact that it would be on a different night. Cohen’s parties, like the upcoming re-launch of Su Casa at BonFire Lounge on October 17, tend to be at venues that aren’t necessarily gay seven nights a week. That could account for the fact that he’s not used to other promoters launching their own parties at “his” venues.

A Shocking Finale
Queer funnyman Brad Loekle is wrapping up his long-running Electroshock Therapy Comedy Hour. Sunday, October 14, marks the show’s finale, but not Loekle’s departure from Therapy. The host will no devote himself entirely to the bar’s newest Thursday night event, Testosterone. Still, fans who’ve loved Electroshock for the past eight years get one last night to laugh it up, with special guests including some of the show’s most popular headliners.