Crowns Crowd Favorite Vito Gallo New York Escort of the Year at This Year's Surprisingly Tame Contest

“When I was 15 years old, this guy in a bar in Atlanta took me, hog-tied, shaved me in a tub, and basically deflowered me as my friends watched.">>>
February 24, 2012

(Jake Havoc, Jake Steel, Colin Black, Vito Gallo at XL Nightclub)
The next time your friends tell you that you’re the biggest whore in New York, just smile and say the two words that will shut them down: “Vito Gallo.” This tall, handsome Italian guy from Jersey now boasts the title of’s 2012 New York Escort of the Year, which he won at last night Mr. New York 2012 Escort of the Year Contest at XL Nightclub. “Congratulations, Vito. You’re the biggest whore in New York City!” announced Bianca Del Rio, the evening’s co-hostess along with perennial favorite Lady Bunny. After being handed his shiny faux diamond award by the 2011 Escort of the Year Rafael Alencar, a very humble Vito—who graced Next Magazine's September 9th issue and has been a professional escort for all of two months—went into the audience and personally thanked every member.
The contest was held during XL's Wednesday night party, Hot Mess, a review of drag numbers self-described as “Priscilla on crack.” A parade of performances by Skyla Versai, Milan, Sugga Pie Koko and Jiggly Caliente kept the crowd entertained when the rentboys weren’t scintillating the audience with the kind of witty banter and bons mots that only a gay hustler can provide. Lady Bunny, whose ozone-depleting, gravity-defying coiffure was surely a fire hazard, performed several of her crowd-pleasing standards, including “I Licked a Girl” (complete with oral choreography and ejaculating dildo), while del Rio, who attributed her more-basso-than-usual voice to too much partying on a recent gay cruise, recited all of the Whitney Houston jokes she decided she should refrain from telling us out of good taste. (“How’s this for a headline: ‘Whitney beats Bobby Brown to death!”)
As for the hustlers, Gallo was clearly the crowd favorite last night, but with fellow nominees Josh Ryley, Colin Black, Jake Steel, Jake Havoc and Armani, the competition was stiff—well, maybe not as stiff as the flesh-hungry audience would have liked! Bunny and del Rio did their best to get the suddenly shy rentboys to flash a little flesh during their onstage interviews, but their efforts were largely fruitless. Jake Steel stripped off his jeans, but left the crowd wanting more and wondering if that massive bulge in his Calvins was real. When Armani took the stage, almost immediately dropped trou, and turned his bare booty to the audience, we were all sure this cocky Venezuelan would face front and throw us a bone. But instead he gave us the shaft. Well, the first few inches, at least.
When we spoke with Armani before the show, this married father of three (“I can be gay if you want me to be!”) confessed that he is more of a hoarder than a whore: “I have more than 80 pairs of shoes in my closet. And they’re all size 8½—the same as my cock!”
Escort/nominee Josh Havoc was overheard boasting “My length is great, but my girth is so impressive that it overshadows it.” He explained that he might as well get paid by guys who want to enjoy it because, “Hey, these Uniqlo jeans don’t pay for themselves!”
Colin Black didn’t need to brag about his assets, but he did tell us before the show about his first and most formative sexual experience: “When I was 15 years old, this guy in a bar in Atlanta took me, hog-tied, shaved me in a tub, and basically deflowered me as my friends watched. I guess I owe all my success in adult entertainment to him. Thanks, Greg!”
As the nominees enjoyed bottle service at their VIP table, Jake Havoc traded “Worst Rentboy Experiences” with Josh Ryley. The stories ranged from hilarious to gross, but both agreed that the worst experiences were those where the client simply asked the escort to leave because he wasn’t his type. So even hustlers have feelings? Havoc’s response: “We’re basically engines fueled by insecurity!” Ryley also tells us that anyone interested in hearing more inside stories from adult sex industry workers should check out the Red Umbrella Project at Happy Endings on May 3.
Also spotted in the crowd was Linda Simpson, who got her start during the legendary days of the late 1980s and early ’90s, showed up out of drag. When asked how today’s drag scene is different from the one she came up in, Linda told us that, “drag used to be underground. I miss that. There was something taboo about drag that made it sexy, exciting. Today, you have shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, which is wonderful and gives drag mainstream exposure, but that’s a double-edged sword.” —Paul Matsumoto