Source Confirms Sad News: Peter Rauhofer Passed This Morning

"He had achieved everything he wanted to achieve. He said himself that he’d done everything he’d wanted to do."
May 07, 2013

(Peter Rauhofer)

At about 9:30am this morning in New York, legendary DJ Peter Rauhofer passed away after a battle with brain cancer and three rounds of chemotherapy. Rauhofer is survived by his mother, Helga, who lives in Austria, and who will be bringing him to his final resting place there.

Doctors discovered that Rauhofer had a large, undiagnosed brain tumor a month ago after he was rushed to the hospital following a seizure.

"The tumor went undiagnosed. They say it could have been there for two years, a year, three years, they don’t know," Rauhofer's close friend and business partner Nima Nasseri tells Next Magazine exclusively. "It’s unfortunate but, honestly, he was happy and he was doing his thing and he lived his life. He had achieved everything he wanted to achieve. He said himself that he’d done everything he’d wanted to do."

On Rauhofer's official Facebook page his manager, Angelo Russo, writes in a post that almost instantly went viral, "It makes me sad, not only that I have lost a friend, but that the world has lost an amazing talent and that future generations will never get to understand the magic that Peter created night after night all over the world. He is gone too soon but he will always have the vast body of music that Peter left for us."

Because of the state of his health, he was forced to pull out of his Pride party, Work! at Roseland Ballroom, soon after his diagnosis. Nasseri says that party will still go on, but now as a tribute to Rauhofer.

"We’re doing the Pride party, which is his theme, his line up, his concept, everything. He put the whole thing together and we’re going to make it a tribute night to him. I’m reaching out to DJs right now that he had history with to see who can make it out for that. We’re going to do a little dedication to him," Nasseri explains. "The last thing I spoke to him about was that he wanted to make this Pride [party amazing]. That’s where all of his energy was. It’s really unfortunate because he was really planning this party and he’d gotten everything together."

Nasseri, who managed and produced Work! says that you could see Rauhofer's attention to detail and passion in every event he worked on.

"Everything he believed in was about quality, quality artists. We did these Work! parties every other month almost always at a loss. You can ask any DJ who worked with us how hard it was to get paid out because he was always about the experience. That’s why he was who he was for as long as he was. A lot of DJs fall off, but he always stayed relevant. The guy cared about quality on every level."