Tricks and Treats

A complete guide to this year’s Halloween happenings in gay New York.
October 26, 2012

(Alegria Halloween 2009; via

Though oten referred to as “gay Christmas,” Halloween in New York has always seemed more like Hanukkah than Christmas: the party usually lasts all week! This year it’s especially true, since the holiday falls smack on hump day. So what night deserves your slutty costume?  That depends on you. We’ve outlined 20 of the top Halloween parties in the city based on three important criteria: where you can dance all night, where you can win some costume contest cash and what parties are on Halloween night proper. What earns your haunt is up to you.

Alegria Halloween 9
Webster Hall, 125 E 11th St (btwn Thrid/Fourth Aves),
Ric Sena is bringing his beloved Halloween-themed edition of Alegria back to the 11th Street club.
Special Spookers: Rosabel—a.k.a. DJs Ralphi Rosario and Abel—and lighting designer Stephen Wyke.
DEETS: Sun, Oct 28 from 11pm–noon; $70 in advance/$80 general admission/$120 VIP.

Evolution of A Dancer
Rebel, 251 W 30th St (btwn Seventh/Eighth Aves),
The third EoaD seeks to trace the influences of dance music, while also playing contemporary beats. Plus, they’re celebrating Halloween.
Special Spookers: DJs John Ceglia, Michael Fierman and guest Jimmy DePre from Philly.
DEETS: Sun, Oct 28 at 6pm; $20 in advance/$30 general admission.

Cruel Intentions
Escuelita, 301 W 39th St (btwn Eighth/Ninth Aves),
All told, the guys at Escuelita will give away over $1,000 in cash and prizes on Halloween night.
Special Spookers: Costume contest judge Michelle Visage and Carmen Carrera.
DEETS: Wed, Oct 31 at 8pm; $20.

Gay Geeks of New York Village Halloween Parade March
Rockbar, 185 Christopher St (@ Weehawken St),
Meet up with the guys from Gay Geeks of New York at Rockbar and then head east to take part in the annual Village Voice Halloween Parade up Sixth Avenue.
Special Spookers: N/A
DEETS: Wed, Oct 31 at 5pm; free.

The Cock, 29 Second Ave (btwn First/Second Sts),
Get nasty with a caped crusader at the Cock’s superheros and Spandex costume party.
Special Spookers: DJ 5ive and Nashom on the door.
DEETS: Wed, Oct 31 at 11pm; cover varies.

Oh You Pretty Things: The Phantom of The Rock Opera
Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St (btwn Sullivan/Thompson Sts),
No cash prize, but the costume contest encourages “Gothic dandy and damsel in distress.”
Special Spookers: Benjamin Ickies, Shien Lee, Corey Tut and others.
DEETS: Wed, Oct 31 at 9pm; $20.

Good Times
Eastern Bloc, 505 E Sixth St (btwn Aves A/B),
The costume category at the All Hallows Eve edition of Josh Sparbar’s furry weekly party is Black Queen: The Princess and the PNP. Interpret as you like.
Special Spookers: DJ Lina.
DEETS: Wed, Oct 31 at 10pm; free.

Splash Halloween
50 W 17th St (btwn Fifth/Sixth Aves),
Get your grove on at the newly renovated club’s Halloween-themed Saturday night party with Dougie Meyer.
Special Spookers: DJs Eric Abobo and John Marto
DEETS: Sat, Oct 27 at 10pm; free in costume/$10 before midnight/$20 general admission.

Halloween Late Night with Victor Calderone
Pacha, 618 W 46th St (btwn 11th/12th Aves),
The dress code is Halloween-themed at Victor Calderone’s late-Saturday/early-Sunday party on the way West Side.
Special Spookers: Victor Calderone
DEETS: Sun, Oct 28 at 3am; $30.

The Eagle, 554 W 28th St (@ 11th Ave),
Who cares if no one likes your duds? At the Eagle’s contest you can win $200 for worst costume, too!
Special Spookers: Emcee Andy Tonken and DJs Reed McGowan and Rob Sperte.
Deets: Wed, Oct 31 at 10pm; $10.

Clubworld Halloween
Copacabana, 268 W 47th St (@ Eighth Ave),
“Dance yourself to death” with Susanne Bartsch and Adidas Originals.
Special Spookers: DJs Johnny Dynell, Michael Magnan, Will Automagic and more.
Deets: Wed, Oct 31 at 10pm; $20 with RSVP.

Work! Freakshow Halloween
Roseland Ballroom, 239 W 52nd St (btwn Broadway/Eighth Ave),
Lots of skin and thousands of your freakiest friends to rub it against!
Special Spookers: DJs Stephan Grondin, Marco Da Silva and Peter Rauhofer.
DEETS: Sat, Oct 27 from 11pm–9am; $40–$60.

XL Saturdays
XL Nightclub, 512 W 42nd St (btwn 10th/11th Aves),
The grand prize for best costume at XL’s Saturday night Halloween party is a whopping $5,000. Get that costume lookin’ right!
Special Spookers: DJ Tony Moran
Deets: Sat, Oct 27 at 10pm; cover varies.

MILF: Mummy I’d Like to Fuck
G Lounge, 25 W 19th St (btwn Seventh/Eighth Aves),
First prize nabs a cool $300 at G’s Halloween edition of their weekly DILF party.
Special Spookers: Holly Dae hosts, DJ Johnny Mack spins.
Deets: Wed, Oct 31 at 10pm; free.

Tumbao Freak Show
No Parking, 4168 Broadway (@ 177th St),
Way uptown ’mos with freaky, “creative and original” costumes compete for $200 in cash and prizes.
Special Spookers: Sir Honey Davenport and DJ MDW.
Deets: Sun, Oct 28 at 10pm; free.

Halloween Vicious Vixen Show
Lips, 227 E 56th St (btwn Second/Third Aves),
An eclectic mix of gays, straights and tourists head to the East Side for dinner, a show and a costume contest, where you can win $100.
Special Spookers: Ginger Snapt
Deets: Wed, Oct 31 at 7pm; free (plus $15 food/drink minimum).

285 Kent Ave (btwn S First/Grand St), Williamsburg,
Competition should be fierce at Best Friends Forever Club’s all-ages mixed clubkid shitshow’s costume contest, where they’ll give away $200 cash to the top queen.
Special Spookers: Dai Burger, Ben Aqua, DJ Unique and hosts Zac Weiss and Jarrett Edward.
Deets: Fri, Oct 26 at 10pm; $5 till midnight/$7 general admission.

Hollyween 2: Return of the Rat Pack
Eventi, 851 Sixth Ave (@ 30th St),
Come in costume at this high-society Halloween benefit for Ali Forney Center. If you come in a Rat Pack-themed costume, you’ll get a special gift.
Special Spookers: DJ Vito Fun
DEETS: Wed, Oct 31 from 7pm–10pm; $25 general admission/$75 VIP.

36th Annual Village Halloween Costume Ball
Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave (@ 10th St),
Costumes are required at this arty mixed party.
Special Spookers: Penny Arcade, Victor Ruggiero, Michael Vazquez and others.
DEETS: Wed, Oct 31; Outdoor entertainment: 4:30pm–7pm; free; Costume Ball: 7:30pm; $20.