Urine Ibiza

Seems like Michael Lucas is always whizzing around the world somewhere. This time, he’s putting the P in “Spain.”
March 06, 2012

(Lucas, 1-888-562-9125, LucasEntertainment.com)

MANUEL: So you wanted nasty, Rod? Urine Ibiza will drench you in it! For fans of piss, cum and spit, there won’t be a dry seat in the house when this diverse cast of 10 sexy urinators is finished.

ROD: This movie should be called “Urine Ibiza…and so much more.” Not only do we get Jonathan Agassi’s fist up Jessie Colter’s ass, but I could live the rest of my life without ever seeing Lucio Saint shoving redhead Ben Brown’s face into unflushed piss-yellow toilet water.

MANUEL: Don’t forget Agassi first trying to fist himself and then slapping a condom on Colter’s foot, lubing it up, and sitting on it. The two hard-core pigs set the bar very high.

ROD: Yeah, after them, young Rowan Bailey and Sam Barclay rimming and tinkling on each other in a field look sweet and innocent! And Bruno Knight is back. He tells Scott Carr, “Get out of the car, I need to piss.” He means piss on Carr. Then stuff a urine-soaked jockstrap into Carr’s mouth before rimming and fucking him.

MANUEL: Finally, between golden showers, Drake Jaden and absurdly hung and sexy Sean Xavier fuck each other with a plunger handle and a liquor bottle, but it’s Xavier’s enormous wee-wee (ain’t nothing wee about it!) that does the job best. Because Urine Ibiza is so much more than pee, I give it a P+.

ROD: 3 splats
MANUEL: 4 splats