Were Carson Daly and Channing Tatum Caught Cruising Hollywood Homophobes on a Gay Cruise? Read on...

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March 29, 2012

 1) Can’t wait for Magic Mike to hit theaters so you can see Channing Tatum’s naughty bits? Well, you don’t have to! (And you don’t even have to go see The Vow!)


2) These two privileged morons who were careless enough to get themselves arrested for having public sex in a foreign country.


3) Carson Daly better hope he’s never on a flight with a bunch of gays.


4) Read the handwritten letter Fiona Apple wrote for a fan’s gay-straight alliance.


5) “Hate group seeks gorgeous Hollywood moron for long walks on the beach and airing homophobic grievances on national cable news shows.” We guess Kirk Cameron and that crazy-eyed scrunchy lady who used to be on SNL aren’t “glamorous” enough for NOM.


6) Bespoken’s first-ever sample sale kicks off today!