Double Take

February 27, 2014

So Long Can Be So Hard

“Oh, yes, just like that. Right there, yes, that’s so good. Yeah, faster...oh my god, don’t stop! Don’t ever—” Splat.
February 13, 2014

Beef N’ Briefs

As long as there are horny men and sexy underwear, we don’t need to wait until December to don our gay apparel.
February 06, 2014

Size Matters

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone whose penis is smaller than his.
January 23, 2014

Open Road, Part 2

Standing on the roadside and sticking out your thumb is, as everyone knows, the universal signal for “Please stop so we can fuck in your car.”
January 21, 2014

Open Road, Part 1

As anyone who’s ever had sex on the highway knows, there is no greater feeling of freedom than when the rubber hits the road.
January 08, 2014

BruthaLoad, Vol. 7

These dark stallions aren’t ready to be tamed.
January 08, 2014

Suck Dick/Save the World 4

Every time a dick is sucked, the world becomes a better place.
January 02, 2014

Silence of the Cams, Part 2

This very hard case is about to get blown wide open.
December 23, 2013

Hung Americans, Part 2

These Americans were hung by the chimney with care...
December 05, 2013

Hot For You

It's cold out side, but these guys are hot, hot, hot!


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