February 23, 2015

'Looking' Recap: This Is Halloween

We are all Gordon Freeman.
February 22, 2015

'Downton Abbey' Recap: Get Down, You Cats!

Somebody's getting married...
February 16, 2015

'Looking' Recap: Patrick in Richieland

Misery truly does love bearded miserable company.
February 14, 2015

'Downton Abbey' Recap: The Merkin Bros. Strike Again!

Plus: Downton loses its most elegant resident.
February 12, 2015

TV: 'The Odd Couple'

CBS’s reboot of 'The Odd Couple' is retrofitted with old school sitcom rhythms and dated masculinity panic.
February 09, 2015

'Looking' Recap: Enough Is Enough

Also: It's Take Your Otter to Work Day!
February 08, 2015

'Downton Abbey' Recap: The Bitch is Back

Lady Mary's haircut saves the show.
February 04, 2015

TV: 'The Slap'

Zachary Quinto is sure to have people talking as a hotheaded father in NBC’s no-holds-barred mini-series, 'The Slap.'
February 02, 2015

'Downton Abbey' Recap: What a Tangled Web We Weave

Who knows what and why it matters at this point.
January 28, 2015

TV: 'Fresh Off the Boat'

Significant for bringing an Asian-American narrative to network television, this mid-season sitcom does little to ensure an authentic—or authentically engaging—portrayal.


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