Gays Love the Golden Girls at Stonewall Inn

March 28, 2011

(Adam Feldman and Raven Snook @ The Stonewall Inn)

There's not a lot that gets both lesbians' and gay men's hearts racing but at the top of the list is The Golden Girls. The classic 1980s sitcom highlighted the friendship of four frisky femmes years before Sex and the City ruined Manhattan for everyone. Saturday night at The Stonewall Inn, dykes, fags and even some breeders came together to celebrate Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia (and Stan and Coco) at the fourth-annual We Love the Golden Girls party.
Like a variety show at Shady Pines, the event was chockful of surprises. We got there too late for the free cheesecake, and were too shy to get made up at the Old Lady Style Station, be we did catch Angela Di Carlo in old-lady drag, Lady Clover Honey in plain-old drag, Margoh Channing in Liza drag, and Time Out New York's Adam Feldman and Raven Snook ( in straight-people drag) dueting on "Bosom Buddy," which Bea Arthur sang in the Broadway and film versions of Mame. And we clucked like chickens when the Golden Girls Players re-enacted the Henny Penny skit from a classic episode when the ladies have to perform in a school play. "The Golden Girls was one of the funniest shows on television, but it endures today because it was also one of the sexiest," says co-producer Sharyn Jackson. "Seeing four older ladies go through their golden years getting tons of nookie gives me great hope for my future." Speaking of golden-age nookie, our favorite routine had to be 72-year-old burlesque queen Susie Q, who shook and shimmied in a glam flapper dress. World Famous Bob, who emceed the night, invited Susie for post-showd drinks, but the brassy blonde demured. "I have to go to a baby shower in the morning!" Thank you for being a friend, Susie!