After Veronica Peoples Club Shut Down, Keilbasa's Kelly Gorman Tries to Move on With Gay&M Thursdays at K & M Bar

"I could only imagine that cop thinking ‘I don’t know what’s going on here but we’ll be back next week.’”>>>
March 02, 2012

(Jon & Kelly Gorman at K & M Bar)

Seems like the gays on the run from Greenpoint may have finally found a place to call home—or at least for a night. Promoter Kelly Gorman, who recently had to shutter his popular Friday night party Kielbasa after host venue Veronica Peoples Club closed as a bar following pressure from the local community board, substantial fines and personal lawsuits, moved his brooklyn antics to Williamsburg's K &M Bar last night for a new party he is calling Gay&M Thursdays. “The neighborhood was too conservative,” Gorman told us about the Veronica Peoples Club issues, adding he was glad to have found a new spot so fast. "I guess it was just the right place at the right time."

The new bash was full of hipster fashion boys and middle-aged men all mixing with little issue. As the night wore on, the DJ spun random '80s and '90s hits while a projector screened vintage commercials and music videos. Typical Williamsburg antics.

Still Veronica Peoples Club—and what it may mean for other Brooklyn gay bars—was on everyone's mind. "There were always issues with noise [at Veronica's People's Club] but it wasn’t until the bar went officially gay that the police showed up constantly," says Gorman, who is quick to draw parallels to Greenpoint's first gay-friendly bar, Blackout, which faced a similar demise. "It’d be great to expand outside of Williamsburg [and into Greenpoint]. I recall when I worked at Blackout Bar with Gio Black Peter and his party [Super Bisexuals],” he explained, “I’m not sure if it was the conservative attitude of the old Polish neighborhoods or just the fact that on an ‘official’ gay night everyone rolled on the pavement outside the venue is what got us closed down. I could only imagine that cop thinking ‘I don’t know what’s going on here but we’ll be back next week.’”

By the end of the night the clientele had loosened up even more. Sure, no one was pantless this evening, as was often the case at Kielbasa, but then again this is a small, quiet portion of Williamsburg. No need to alert the cops just yet.


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