The Swimming Pools’ Make Magic in the Meat Rack // The Grove Gets Invaded // Dallas Does Diznee

The week in gay gossip
July 18, 2012

(The Swimming Pools are behind some recent magic parties on Fire Island)

Magic in the Meat Rack

It seems sort of appropriate, given all the drama in The Pines this summer, that one of the hottest parties on Fire Island has been a series of free renegade parties with no affiliation to any of the island’s competing venues or interests. The magic has been happening in the sandier area of the Meat Rack—well enough away from the actual dunes that beach preservationist-minded party boys need not fret—courtesy of DJs Christophe Doloire and Daniel Smith, a.k.a. The Swimming Pools. Last weekend saw the third of these BYOB renegade parties, lit only by tiny battery operated red lights, the occasional strobe and, of course, the moon and the stars! We don’t even want to think about how those boys lug their DJ equipment out there or how they power it all… pure unicorn magic? The parties attract Pines and Grove boys alike, anyone lucky enough to have gotten wind of these purposefully under publicized events. We don’t know when the next one is, and we doubt anyone will until a few days before. Just keep your ear to the ground when you’re on the island this summer and you may just stumble onto something magical in the Meat Rack—well, more magical than usual!


Invasion of The Grove?

In other Fire Island news: If you’ve been to The Cherry Gove this summer—which you almost certainly have, thanks to Daniel Nardicio’s wildly successful Underwear Party and Icon Series—you may have noticed a particularly lavish beachfront manse under construction. It’s stark lines and glass walls are hard to miss amid The Grove’s quaint cottages. It’s the kind of house you’d expect to find in the more opulent Pines, but there it is, sticking out like an immaculately manicured sore thumb at the corner of Aeon and Lewis Walk. Word that the house is being built by a straight family with kids has inspired a bit of a there-goes-the-neighborhood attitude in some. Aside from the offensive architecture—seriously, it’s like a high modernist spaceship landed on the dunes—we’re not sure there’s anything to worry about. The Grove has always been more diverse than the homo-heavy Pines, with queers, dykes, breeders and townies co-existing pretty happily. 


The Magic Queendom

We’ve seen various incarnations of Dallas Dubois’ Distorted Diznee” at Industry’s Thursday night Queen variety show and at The Ice Palace on Fire Island. But starting July 27, the Broadway-loving starlet drags her irreverent revue out of the gay ghetto and onto—or just off—The Great White Way, returning to The Laurie Beechman Theater for a three week run. Casting divas like Holly Dae, Bootsie LeFaris, Pixie Aventura and Shenea DeDranke as fairy tale princesses and evil queens alike, the show takes an affectionate swipe at beloved Disney classics. Catch it Fridays through August 10.