Sibling Revelry

Brothers have been doing their own brothers ever since Cain screwed Abel. A look at Gay porn’s longtime obsession with its (mostly) identical stars.
August 03, 2012

(Elijah and Milo Peters)

In May, Slovakia-based gay porn studio Bel Ami announced the retirement of two of its biggest and money-lucrative stars, identical twins Elijah and Milo Peters. Shortly after their 2009 Bel Ami debut, these blond, buff Czech brothers, who had appeared together in group-sex scenes getting busy separately, began having full-on sex with each other, first in Taboo (2010), their twincestuous debut, and most recently in the condom-free Doing It Together (2011). The Peters twins were “relatively” scandalous and great for business, which didn’t go unnoticed by other studios like Channel 1 Releasing and Falcon, who released Brother Fucker: The Ultimate Twin Taboo (2011) and Twin Heat (2012), respectively, both starring Liam and Luca Rosso, good-looking, muscular American identical twins whose playing doesn’t get close to brother-fucking.

But the Peters twins are hardly the first and certainly will not be the last. Twins are everywhere, especially in Eastern Europe, which is overflowing with brotherly lovers—like gorgeous Russian body-building twins Nicolai and Boris Otov (Comrades in Arms, Kristen Bjorn, 1996), Slavic sibs Adam and Konrad Richter (Double Czech, William Higgins, 2009) and Hungarian hunks Fabrizio and Fernando Mangiatti (Cruising Budapest I, V and VI, Lucas, 2007–’08), also known as Alex and Ian Lynch, Jack and James LaCroix, and Daniel and Jean Lautrec, respectively.

In fact, while most European jurisdictions have laws against incest, they’re usually not enforced where acts involve consenting adults. France’s law is the most lenient, and incest is legal in Portugal, Russia, Israel, and Turkey. Legal and moral concerns about incest tend to be aimed at the male-female sexual kind (usually non-consensual) involving blood-line relatives. 

The brothers fantasy is as old as erotica, and while Bel Ami’s Elijah and Milo took their bromance to extremes rarely seen in gay porn, this pair of Peters is by no means the first male sibling duo to appear together on screen. In 1974, barely legal shaggy-haired brunet twins Tim and Chris Christy made their incestuous debut in Everything Goes (Hand-in-Hand, 1974). These doppelgängers banged each other for more than ten years, appearing in titles like Incest Brother Love (1979) (co-starring alleged twins Dave and Pat Lee) and Round Up (Falcon, 1984). Bijou Video’s compilation Twins (1995), featuring the Lees and Christys as well as Paul and Dave Karlstadt, is a must-have for porncest fans.

No discussion of brother-banging would be complete without Brothers Should Do It (Catalina 1981), starring ’80s icon Jon King and J.W. King. These Kings weren’t actually related, but this pre-condom classic is noteworthy because its fraternally obsessed director, William Higgins, returned 29 years later with Double Czech (William Higgins, 2000), starring Jirka and Karel Bartok.

Not all brother fantasies are vanilla. Take Kristen Bjorn’s super-hung Brazilian bodybuilders Luis Carlos Mendez and Carlos Luis Mendez (Caribbean Beat, 1990), Spanish hotties Gabriel and Oscar Peron (Twins, Men of Odyssey, 1998) and AMG Brazil’s Caio and Carlos Carvalho (Gemeos, 2006). Thug porn brothas include Sean and John (Sidekicks, Blatino Connection, 2007) and King Dingo and Phat Daddy (Who’s Yo Daddy?, Pitbull, 2008), none of whom ever looked too thrilled to be going man-o a man-o. Finally, there’s gay porn’s most notorious twins, fraternal fuckers-turned-felons Keyon and Teyon Goffney (Black Hook-Ups, Citebeur, 2007), whose promising, short-lived careers in sodomy were interrupted by conspiracy and burglary convictions in 2009 for a series of rooftop break-ins in Philadelphia—the City of Brotherly Love.

Today, with amateur porn stars flooding the Internet, the roster of brothers willing to do anything for a camera is practically bottomless: James and Peter (“the Scorpio Twinks”), Matt and David (“the Studding Twins”), Dean and Dave Resnick (the “Ellen Degeneres Twins”), Kevin and Angel Rocha (amateurs carrying on a genuinely incestuous relationship). Hell, even touts a father-son pair jacking off together for pay.

But don’t worry. If you get tired of twincest, there’s always the Visconti Triplets.