April 08, 2015

Dudes Strip Down to Diffuse Street Fights

Gay panic could save your naked ass in the 'hood.
April 08, 2015

Gay YouTuber Calls Westboro Baptist's Shirley Phelps

“If I burn all of my Lady Gaga CDs, will that get me into heaven?"
April 08, 2015

Straight Men Do Daytime Drag for Their Wives

Davey Wavey sissies three hubbies for the first time.
April 02, 2015

Who'd Want to Suppress This Sodomite?

Openly Jake breaks down a proposed California bill too heinous to believe.
March 30, 2015

The #BoycottIndiana Anthem You've Been Waiting For

Randy Rainbow comes for Gov. Mike Pence in "F— You, Indiana."
March 24, 2015

Mom Reads Son's Gross Grindr Messages

They're both going to need more wine.
March 17, 2015

Hunk Gives It to You With "Uptown Funk" on a Treadmill

He's gotta kiss himself, he's so pretty.
March 16, 2015

Why Do Gay Guys and Straight Gals Really Get Along?

Hot psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey breaks down the unbreakable bond.
March 13, 2015

Gay Fraternal Twins Take on Gay Identical Twins

March 13, 2015

Are Bottoms the Real Gay Heroes?

"The bottom is the one taking the risk. They’re the ones making the sacrifice."


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